You Can Not Find Peace Counting Other People’s Money

This will keep you in a state of unhappiness all the days of your life.  As I practiced changing my mental diet, this always gave me sense of being cheated in this game of life. Looking at what I did not have, while at the same time looking at what everyone else had. The time came when my mentor told me to stop counting other people’s money, and I would find the happiness that was eluding me.

Changing my intake of this food that fuels resentment , was a good choice. Like most things until I stop ingesting the thoughts, blindness is my companion.

I had a conversation with a person this week that showed me how Counting Other People’s Money can turn an otherwise good person bitter. This man had some wind damage to his home. He called his insurance company to file a claim. The adjuster came out and told him what damage he had found. The homeowner did not like the evaluation. The homeowner has a slate roof that needs a few slate replaced and a piece of gutter replace from a wind storm.

There are other homes in the neighborhood getting new roofs. The homeowner sees this and is using this to say he should also get a new roof. I felt sorry for him. He was counting what his neighbors were getting not what his house needed to repair the wind damage.  If he lets this grow inside him it will ruin his happy life.

Be grateful for what you have. It will multiply. Count Other People’s Money and your pile will get smaller.

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