When You Lose You learn More

Everyone likes to win and succeed. When you lose, you have more drive to learn and grow, because you are born with the drive to succeed inside you. When you win, you have more of a tendency to enjoy the fruits of winning. We will explore why you learn more when you lose rather than winning.

Losing helps you better handle surprises and disappointments, helps you to keep your ego in check, and serves as a good reality check. It can help you pinpoint an error your making or inspire more practice and improvements.

Learn When You Lose

Learning When You Lose

Losing confronts you with the fact that there’s a problem

Whether it be a silly one-time mistake, a flaw in how you learned something, or another type of error, the fact that you lost means there’s an area that could use improvement in your process or your efforts. The will to win forces you to confront this error and allows you to work to improve and correct it.

When you win, not only do you think you’ve got it right, making you feel like you have everything down right. It causes you to run the risk of stagnating, rather than continuing to improve in life.

Losing provides an ego check

When you lose, you face the fact that you’re not perfect. So long as you handle the loss appropriately, you’ll learn that you, like everyone else, have room for improvement.

It also helps you to realize that no matter how good you are, there’s always someone better to come along that can beat you and that’s okay. You do your best, and it’s all anyone can ask of you.

Losing helps to teach you how to cope

We all know that some things in life are simply out of our control. You can’t do anything to prevent them; they happen, and you have to deal with it. Losing can be a great teaching tool in those exact moments. If you lose graciously, chances are when these moments occur; you’ll be able to handle them and withstand the storm.

When you’ve experienced nothing but winning, losing hits you so much harder, you don’t understand what you did wrong, blame yourself, and take the hit so much harder than others. You have a harder time getting back up on your feet after the disappointment. Losing can be a great learning opportunity for these exact moments.

Everyone loves to win, but, unfortunately, we can’t win all the time. Everyone has to experience loss at some point or another, but it’s how you handle that loss that genuinely defines your character. Losing can be a great learning opportunity to help you better yourself and excel beyond your wildest dreams, so long as you are open to it.

Why you learn more when you lose rather than winning. Use your losing experiences to serve as motivation and inspiration to work harder, practice more, learn something, and better yourself. Don’t waste it by being bitter towards the winner. The only way to be a real loser is to learn nothing from the loss itself.

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