Welcome To My Blog

Welcome to my blog.

The name of the blog was inspired by a chapter in Emmet Fox’s book “Power Through Constructive Thinking”.  Emmet Fox  has been a main stay of my reading material. The Sermon On The Mount has been instrumental in helping me disipline my thoughts.  The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, The Way of The Pilgram, many biographies, tapes of talks on displining the mind, books on prayer, daily meditation books, the list goes on and on.

The first books I started to read on displining the mind were, 3 Little Pigs, The Little Engine That Could, Dr. Suess books, The Value of Series of books… any childrens books.  In the begining small print and lots of pages were more then I could handle.

They still are not my cup of tea. I must really want to know what is in a book with lots of pages and small print to put the effort forth to read it.

Yes, give me a book with a few words and a picture of the words. Now, that will slow down my mind. 

A few of us did a retreat based on the book Power Through Constructive Thinking. We used chapters out of the book as subjects for the seminars that weekend. I gave the one on the 7 Day Mental Diet. So the name of my blog. It is very important  to actively participate in displining your mind to lead a happy and fullfilling life.

My friend Joseph Anthony gave a seminar on the Wonder Child. He has a blog named the Wonder Child . He is also a contributor here.

It would honor me greatly to have you follow my writings. It will overwhelm my heart if my writings and way of life help change yours.

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