The Person Who Says It Can Not Be Done Should Not Interupt The Person Doing It.

I have been working on an idea. This idea is to have a daily proverb e-mailed to anyone who signs up for the emails. Here is a sample. Comment and let us know if you are interested in receiving a daily email from the 7 Day Mental Diet.

This is a Chinese Proverb.

The Person Who Says It Can Not Be Done Should Not Interrupt The Person Doing It.

This is one of the biggest Ideologies that separate us from our destiny. We are brainwashed with this lie from birth. You can not do that. We hear this from almost everyone we meet from the cradle to the grave. You can not do that. You can not do that.

The Wright Brothers were told that from everyone. Their father was a minister. He told his sons that they were going to hell just for thinking they could fly.

Thank God, they did not listen to the powers that be. They listened to their hearts and did not ingest – You Can Not Do That. 

If they had listen to their father and everyone else that that told them You Can Not Do That we would lead a very different life then we do.

This has been said to me so many times till I was of an age to make my own decisions, that I was incapable of living my own life and dreams. I have lived most of my life, living someone else’s dreams. I did not understand this for a long time. These voices inside are from my ancestors and other well meaning adults. They just passed down what was given to them. 

This blog the 7 Day Mental Diet was brought to life for this very reason. Together we can find our way, until we do, let us practice this proverb. The way for us to start practicing this is to not stop anyone from doing what they are doing. They do not need your help in failing at what they are attempting to do. They already have a voice inside them that is telling them that they never should have started this. This is too hard.  

Treat people the way you would like to be treated. Plant seeds of support and inspiration in others. This way in your future you will harvest inspiration and support. God will put people in your life to give these words to push you on to your destiny.

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