The Cat Chases It’s Tail

I heard this story last night. Really makes you look at how we approach life.

There was this kitten chasing its tail. An old alley cat comes along and asks the kitten what it is doing. The kitten says “I have just been to cat university and in psychology class we learned that the most important thing in life is love and that love is in our tails. I figured I will catch my tail. Then I will hold on to it and always have love.” The alley cat said “I have not had the same opportunities that you have had. I grew up in this alley and never had any money to go to school. I found out the same thing. That love is in our tails. The other thing I found out is if I go about my daily business doing what I am supposed to do, that my tail follows me wherever I go.

If I try to make someone love me or chase love it will alude me or remain just outside my reach. But like Saint Francis says in his famous prayer, “instead of trying to get love, let me give love. God let me be a channel of your love”.

When I go about my day business, giving love out freely, no strings attached, I am not going in circles trying to hold on to a love. I am filled with love, that I can not lose.

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