Takes Two Fools To Argue – One To End It

Educating myself played a big part in changing my mental diet. This little phrase was easy to say when the pressure was on. When the pressure is on, is not the time to initiate the diet. So use your time wisely. Watching TV , participating in idle conversation… is not a constructive use of your time.

I have found Proverbs to be a good way to re-school my mind. You can use it for a daily reading. There are 31 chapters in Proverbs. One for each day. Starting the day in the right frame of mind is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Having items on you and around you are very important to surviving this 7 day mental diet. In my pants pockets are Coins that reminded me where I came from and where I am going. I have a prayer rope. I also carry a rosary. In my truck are several books. There are pictures on the walls. Use anything that will remind you of what you are trying to do.

If you try to do this only with your mind you will lose the battle. Old ideas must be dismissed. New ideas must be implemented. Prayer is center point. Staying in contact with your God is crucial. Having visual reminders, use a prayer rope or a rosary when your hands are idle. This 7 day mental diet takes a mental, physical and spiritual approach. It is like a trying to sit on a 3 legged stool with one leg missing. You will at some point lose your balance.

Here is another phrase from the same family.
Never argue with a fool, it will look like the conversation of two fools, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference. With this phrase you will start to see yourself like the world sees you. At some point this will keep you from acting out on your thoughts.

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