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Transform Your Life by Doing Something You Love

Many people go to college to do what they believe they have want to do for the rest of their lives. The first several years may be rewarding, and then they start to realize this is something they are going to do until they retire. They are quickly disillusioned, and they realize they are in a rut. The question arises how to transform your life.Transform Your Life

Most people continue doing what they do out of fear of what their family and friends will say. This fear is a well founded for your family and friends will have a need to keep you where you are. For they are also trapped in their own prison.  One reason will be “play it safe you are getting a steady paycheck”. If you take the leap and transform your life you could fail. If you are in the minority, You will break away and transform your life.

While starting up a new career may be exciting, it is not necessary or advisable to start following your heart’s desire full time. You can start up a hobby in your spare time, or you can volunteer in your area of interest. Many companies are encouraging their employees to take on more volunteer opportunities. Even if the company’s motives are not altruistic, volunteering can open doors for employees. They can learn new skills or discover ones they were not aware they possessed.

You may decide to start up your own venture. This will help transform your life in ways that you never imagined. Choosing a business you are passionate about gives you a purpose you may not have gained by staying in your current situation.

This is not to say that starting and running a business is easy. It takes a lot of work and quite a bit of discipline. You become your own boss and have no one to answer to but yourself. While many view this as a good situation to have, it is a double-edged sword. You need to have a good plan and a mentor in place to help guide you towards success.

You may want to live off the grid. This is one example where you need to educate yourself in this life style and the area of the world you want to live off the grid. Just jumping in without any preparation could cost you your life.

More people are discovering that there is no future in retirement. While you may be required or want to retire from your present job or career, this does not mean you need to fill your day with mindless activities.  We were created to create. Retirement could give you the freedom to try many things. You may be in a financial position that you can follow your heart’s desire without getting a financial reward. Some will find that having their own business is the only way to go. They love the challenge and find the work fulfilling. The Internet serves as a great provider of advice and resources to help you succeed. Not everyone is suited to being an entrepreneur.

Find your heart’s desire and follow it. You find success in the journey, not at the finish line.

Self Made Man Through Self Control

I Became A Self Made Man Through Self Control. This was a mixed message I got as a child. Everyone preached you need to make your own destiny. Yet they molded you to walk, dress and act like everyone else

Self Made Man

When being taught self-control, I always seen how it was in the best interest of the person who was teaching me self-control. It was not to my benefit. As there was nothing to be learned through the process. This is the way I seen it, because no one teaching me self control spent any time with me explaining the benefits. Without direction I looked at life through my eyes using the information I had. This information was that the people teaching me self-control had an easier life at my expense. Therefore I resisted any authority.
When I was in 10th grade my math teacher told me he really could use me as a tutor. I wanted to be a tutor. He said that the rest of the teachers would only let me be a tutor if I did my homework in all my classes. I would not present a good image of a tutor the way I was. I just looked at him an said “I guess you really do not want me as a tutor”. Part of me died that day. I gave up something I wanted so that they did not have control of me. Today I understand that I was a self-made man all along and these decisions are what make a self-made man, good or bad.

They presented it as a case of lack of self-control on my part. That I would be teaching others to not do homework, instead of teaching math.
Today I know my strengths and weaknesses. I do not let emotions make my decisions, like I did in 10th grade and most of my life. Most people around me tell me how it is in my best interest to exercise self control. While it is really their interests they are talking about. I need to know the difference.
Personal self-control separates you from the normal way of thinking. This is essential in becoming a self-made man. Self control is not denying who you are. It is not giving control of my life to others. Personal self-control frees me to live my life as I choose and accomplish all the goals I set for myself.