Something Has To Change

I wrote a book documenting my journey of the mental and physical battles of gaining control of my weight in the hopes that it may help you find the strength to stick to your resolution to attain your goal weight.

Chapter 1 From My Book

My Story
Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.
Matthew 5:16

Growing up I never remember my Grandfather being in the same day I was. Today I understand he had some form of dementia. As a child it was confusing, but it always stuck with me. I thought about it often through the years.

Knowing enough about heredity, my chances of landing up like this were good. Then looking at my other Grandfather, heart disease was also in my future.

If you looked at my lifestyle, you could not imagine that these things were on my mind and were of a real concern to me. For between the ages of 16 and 19, drinking and drugs were a constant part of my life. At 19, I put the drugs down. My diet was to eat whatever I pleased. Heartburn and memory loss were normal everyday occurrences. The two things that scared me the most, memory loss and feeling like I was having a heart attack, were my constant companions.

At the age of 35, I put down the drink. Memory loss and poor concentration was still there, but the heartburn was gone. I resigned myself to the fact that I may have not stopped in time. I was overweight from all the drinking. I weighed 210 pounds. Just from putting the drink down my weight dropped to 190 in 2 months. Over the next year I lost more weight and leveled off at 180-185.

Having a very physically demanding job allowed me to eat whatever I pleased in any quantities and not gain weight. So there was no need for me to change. I remember saying that all the taste of food was in the parts that were unhealthy and I would not change my diet till my life depended on it.

Luckily, this did not come to pass. I made the changes that needed to be made before my body showed the major signs of giving out.

Around the age of 50, I was doing less and less of the physical part of the job. It was a slow process when I put on weight and my waist went from 32” to 34” at the age of 55. If I gained one more ounce I would have need to go to a 36” waist. My weight was a constant thought. Every time I bent over or stood up I needed to pull my pants up. I could no longer move the way I used to.

Finally, arriving at the point where buying a pair of pants with a 36” waist was totally unacceptable to me. This coupled with my Grandfather’s dementia, inspired me to make the commitment to myself to do what needed to be done.

Reflecting back to when I was 16, had a 32” waist and weighed 175 pounds, I set this as the goal. Looking through some old pictures, I found one of Bets and me at my goal weight. I made a Dream Board of my goals as an example. This picture of Bets and me was the center of the Dream Board.

The following month I was giving a retreat on The 7 Day Mental Diet. As part of my presentation on focusing the mind to achieve the goals you set for yourself, I knew that in using my own Dream Board as an example in this seminar, I was holding myself accountable to this group of 25 guys. Having people that you are accountable to increases your chance for success by 80%.

That was in March. The third weekend in May, I was at a weekend retreat. The one bathroom had a doctor’s scale. Weighing myself, I was shocked. 218 pounds was hard to believe, but it gave me the final commitment and resolve to change my eating habits.

The first change was to drink more water. 2 weeks later I started to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. In 10 weeks I had lost 30 pounds. The second week in August I was giving another seminar to the same group of guys. It felt good to be able to show that the Dream Board worked. The following March I was going to give another seminar to the same group. At that seminar, I had accomplished my goal of 175 pounds and a 32” waist.

We have a farmers market close to us. They are open year round. This is a blessing. I started to go there every Saturday afternoon near closing time. I found one stand that makes me feel special. When people make me feel special, I go back. I made my new life style a special event. The workers are calling out the specials of the hour. Sometimes when I walk in the building one of the workers will stop their calling and say, “I have an announcement, Lefty has just entered the building.” I have made new friends. Events like this make me more determined to stay on this path. Even loners need this sense of belonging.

None of the weight I have lost was through exercise. This is not to brag, but to tell my story exactly as it has happened. I have made attempts to exercise and stopped.

You only fail when you quit. I will try until I succeed. I do not beat myself up. To beat myself up would ensure that I would stop the things that I am successful at. Winners never quit, and quitters never win. Keep up the fight. Never ever quit.

The rest of this book will be to tell you what I did and what I learned about weight-loss. I have not written this book as medical advice. Check with your doctor and tell him what you plan to do. You may need medical attention while losing weight. I am not a dietitian; I am only stating what I have done. Having a dietitian design a food plan will give you a balance of the vitamins and minerals you need to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

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