Prepare For Your Future – Dream Big

Prepare For Your Future
Stop looking at your past.
Look into your future.
You are in the present moment.
Technically you can not change the present.
It is already happening.
Dream of how you want your future to be.
Give birth, get a clear picture of your future.
Write it down.
Do something to make it happen.
Prepare for the miracle to happen.

Everyone tells you to stay out of the future and live in the present moment. This is technically impossible to do. The only thing you can change is your future, because the present is already happening. To change anything you have to concieve it in the present moment. The change can only take place in the future.

I needed to slow live down to one second at a time to understand this concept. If I am walking and want to sit down, I can not sit down in the present moment. For I am presently walking. I can walk and dream about sitting down. It is only in the future when I can sit down.

So really give this some thought and then start to actively start to dream about your future.

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