Pleasures Of Giving

“Ecstasy To A Giver Is Finding Someone To Qualified To Receive.”
Dr. Mike Murdock

Nothing pleasures God more than giving us gifts. Being made in God’s image nothing pleasures me more. The tough part is finding someone to give a gift to. Giving a gift to someone who treats it like they were entitled to the gift is painful. Treating a gift like it is nothing will ensure you only receive one gift from me. I do not return to a dry well.

I do not give gifts to people who do not know how to receive a gift. There are people who I give things to and you would think I gave they a thousand dollars by their reactions. You can tell their reaction is genuine. Do you think I go out of my way to give them another one? You bet!

When you give to the poor, because they are on hard times is different. There I do not expect a response. They are usually so immersed in their pain they just take the gift. I have empathy for them. When you find a qualified receiver among the poor, that is double dose of ecstasy.

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