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Become an Effective Problem Solver

Learning to solve life’s big and little problems can help you achieve your goals, live with less stress, and enjoy more success both personally and professionally. Learning to solve problems is a skill, and it is one you can hone and practice over time if you know the right strategies. Here are six ways you can learn to become an effective problem solver in your life.Effective Problem Solver

Remain Objective

One of the reasons you may sometimes have difficulty solving a problem is because you are too busy thinking about the emotions that the problem evoked rather than real solutions to your situation. Sometimes, you may have become married to a particular idea, and when it didn’t work out, you get disappointed. Other times, you are just upset that things didn’t work out. Regardless, you need to focus less on how you FEEL about the problem and more on solutions to it. Become more objective, and your answers will be more effective.

Practice Being a Risk Taker

When it comes to solving problems, sometimes, you must take a chance to get to the best possible solution. The best answers often materialize when you try something new or think outside the box. Learning to be a smart risk-taker can help you become a better problem solver. Look for situations in your life where you can practice. Weigh all the possibilities and try something you have never done before. Take calculated risks to see that it isn’t so scary, after all.

Prepare for the Obstacles

When you start thinking about how to solve a problem, it is essential to remember that some solutions can trigger additional reactions, which could result in further complications. When making a choice, which is the best path, it is essential to look at all your solutions from a higher level to determine the obstacles that are likely to get in the way of each option. The more options you have can help improve your chances of success and be better prepared for the consequences of your choice.

Ask Open-Minded People for Advice

When trying to solve a problem, you may think that any help would be beneficial. But, if the people who are helping you are not creative problem solvers themselves, or have very narrow ideas about your situation, then they are not likely to be much help. They can even make your problem worse. If you want to brainstorm with others, make sure you seek idea’s from people with open minds, people with the confidence to see all possibilities and accept new ideas. Working with people like this can strengthen your skills, and you will get a better solution to your problem.

Practice Persistence

Effective problem solvers are those who don’t easily give up in tough situations. They are persistent in how they think and act. If you believe that there is a way to solve a problem, then you should persist until that solution is found and implemented. Learning to be more self-disciplined can help you stick with it when issues get tough, making you a better problem solver overall.

Start at the End

Sometimes, you can’t find a solution by starting at the beginning. Instead, it is sometimes necessary, to begin with, your desired outcome and work backward from there to determine how to begin solving the problem. Working backward is known as reverse engineering, and it is an effective strategy for addressing all types of issues. Practicing this skill often can help you use it more readily in crises and when problems have more at stake.

Final Thoughts

Becoming an effective problem solver is as much about developing the right habits of mind as it is about skill. Being open, enthusiastic, and meticulous are all good mental habits of effective problem solvers. Learning to think proactively can help you avoid many problems before they even start. And being curious about the world is always helpful in finding possible solutions, too.

Staying Focused Like Life Coaches

The job of a life coach is staying focused.  It’s a heavy responsibility to act as both guide and guru to help keep your clients on track toward achieving their goals. That’s why it’s so important to stay motivated – especially when your day job is in motivating others on a fairly regular basis.

How do life coaches stay focused? We can each take a page from their book to keep motivated and fulfilled in our lives.Staying Focused

  1. Life coaches set firm boundaries. You can’t take on your client’s lives or problems. Maintaining a professional distance is essential not just for the health of the client, who needs to learn how to succeed on their own, but also for the mental health of those doing the guiding.

How can you apply this to your own life? Are there people in your life who expect too much of you? Do you always give in? Learn why boundaries are important and how you can set them in a loving, yet firm way.

  1. Life coaches remember to put themselves first once in a while. There’s a lot to be said for ‘me time.’ For someone who lives by inspiration, you must ensure you consistently replenish your energy, and your natural positivity is at the fore. That is crucial for success.

What does this mean for you? Take time for a massage or bubble bath. Read things that inspire. Schedule a date with yourself, where you concentrate entirely on you. Repeat as often as necessary to keep your mood positive.

  1. Find a friend. Going it alone is never easy. Having someone you can turn to is healthy and necessary. Life coaches understand that too much time alone can lead to depression. We all need others to keep us inspired to move ahead.

A life coach would tell us we need to take time for close relationships too. Feeling connected and supported naturally leads to staying in a positive mental space, even when times are tough.

  1. Journal about it. A life coach well knows the value of journaling. A gratitude journal keeps you focused on the positive things that happen each day so you can draw upon those experiences later as you need.

For you, find the magic that lies in writing about the things that go right, that you’re thankful about daily. A grateful heart breeds inspiration and keeps you from exploring the negativity just because others are.

You don’t have to be a life coach to stay confident and inspired. But you can use their tricks to keep positivity high in your own life. Staying inspired isn’t all that hard. It’s mostly about remaining aware of the world around you and remembering to look for the good first in all things.

Thoughts By Duffy

A good friend on mine started a blog The theme of the blog is to put a positive twist on the negative beliefs we have.

Joe uses his sense of humor to bring his point across. Here is an example.

Lying / Dishonesty

Ok Let’s get out there bend and stretch the truth, exaggerate, misrepresent the facts, make up a real juicy lie. Let’s rob the truth and trust from those who are willing to believe us. It is said if we tell ourselves a lie long enough, we ourselves will believe it ! Better check that one with the one in the mirror, nah, who needs to reflect on details. Should the truth insist on coming out, hesitate get creative flex it. Increase the stress of having to remember and keep track of all this untruth !

He brings his point across with a touch of sarcasm. His post will help you be a better person, when you need it most. Tired, hungry, lonely, or fustrated and you have a short fuse at this moment in time. His post may come to you and help you laugh at yourself and diffuse the tension.

Make your life easier and give your self a laugh. Visit his blog and subscribe.

I Am A Published Author

I have been working on my book “Something Has To Change”. Today is the climax to all the hard work. I pushed the approve button.

I recieved a proof copy a couple of weeks ago. Been working on editing spacing, grammer, spelling. Made one spelling change to the back cover. Some sentences did not make sense when reading a hard copy. Lot of little stuff. 

The one thought that does come up, that will only be put to rest once I get some feedback, is that there is some bit of information that is still in my head. If you read the book give some feedback. Positive feedback is nice, but pointing out mistakes will help me deliver a better product. 

I wrote this book on how I lost 48 pounds and kept it off for 2 years.

Here is a link to the book.

Webe Radio’s Veiws On Being Critical

My friend Todd Weaver at Webe Radio posted this on Facebook this morning.

Being overly critical of your self not only stunts personal growth, but it also invites others to be overly critical of you as well. Instead of choosing to self-incriminate, learn to self-evaluate! Be kind to yourself; learn from your mistakes and evolve accordingly.

This is good advice. Putting ourselves or someone else down takes no effort. That is why it is so prevelant. To make ourselves fell good society has turned it into a virtue. It is not humility to put yourself or anyone else down.Matthew 6:16 “Whenever you fast, do not put on a gloomy face as the hypocrites do, for they neglect their appearance so that they will be noticed by men when they are fasting. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full.


Listen to Todd’s radio show at: Webe Radio

Welcome To My Blog

Welcome to my blog.

The name of the blog was inspired by a chapter in Emmet Fox’s book “Power Through Constructive Thinking”.  Emmet Fox  has been a main stay of my reading material. The Sermon On The Mount has been instrumental in helping me disipline my thoughts.  The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, The Way of The Pilgram, many biographies, tapes of talks on displining the mind, books on prayer, daily meditation books, the list goes on and on.

The first books I started to read on displining the mind were, 3 Little Pigs, The Little Engine That Could, Dr. Suess books, The Value of Series of books… any childrens books.  In the begining small print and lots of pages were more then I could handle.

They still are not my cup of tea. I must really want to know what is in a book with lots of pages and small print to put the effort forth to read it.

Yes, give me a book with a few words and a picture of the words. Now, that will slow down my mind. 

A few of us did a retreat based on the book Power Through Constructive Thinking. We used chapters out of the book as subjects for the seminars that weekend. I gave the one on the 7 Day Mental Diet. So the name of my blog. It is very important  to actively participate in displining your mind to lead a happy and fullfilling life.

My friend Joseph Anthony gave a seminar on the Wonder Child. He has a blog named the Wonder Child . He is also a contributor here.

It would honor me greatly to have you follow my writings. It will overwhelm my heart if my writings and way of life help change yours.