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What You Focus On Increases

What You Focus On Increases

Think about what you think about. What you think about you talk about, and what you talk about you bring about, so what are you thinking about? If that’s true, then it’s safe to say your thoughts become your reality. If you’re not sure what you’ve been thinking, have a look around! What you focus on increases, so whatever’s been showing up over time is what you’ve been focusing on.

Happiness is free. Experience shows that when you commit to being happy now, the journey of building the life you want is much more enjoyable. You might even like to imagine how you’ll feel when you have what you want. It doesn’t cost any extra to feel like you have achieved your goals before you’ve achieved them.

What you focus on increases

Abundance is your birthright. To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on abundance. The scarcity mindset doesn’t think there’s enough to go around. The abundance mindset says, “There are plenty for everyone and more flowing into the world everyday. Stop for a moment. Feel the air going in and out of your lungs. Air is created by plants and trees, and flows around the world. As you take each breath, you’re not stopping the flow; you’re joining it.

Nothing to fear. Right now it’s worth noticing that real estate markets come and go, sometimes they’re up and sometimes they’re down. It’s funny how some people choose to worry about things they have no control over, like the market. Experience shows that fears, worries and anxieties only come when a person imagines unpleasant things in the past or the future. When you allow yourself to get present, you’ll realize that all is well right now. As Roosevelt said, there is nothing to fear, except fear itself.

Know a setback is a setup for a comeback. Most people give up when they meet setbacks and obstacles, but because you choose to be successful, you do what you did when you learned to walk: When you fall over, learn from the experience, pick yourself up and keep going!!
Oprah says you do what you do when you know what you know; when you know different, you do different. You might even decide to eliminate “failure” from your vocabulary!

Seize the day. My favorite teacher said to me, “Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of.” Stop for a moment, take a couple of deep breathes, and realize that as you read this you are occupying a unique space, at a time in history that will never be repeated. You don’t have to do anything. If there’s something that you’ve been thinking that you had to do, you can restate it as, “I choose to… It’s your choice, and it always has been. Don’t let anyone or anything take your day. Seize this day and own it all.

Thomas J Heverly Sr


Thoughts By Duffy

A good friend on mine started a blog The theme of the blog is to put a positive twist on the negative beliefs we have.

Joe uses his sense of humor to bring his point across. Here is an example.

Lying / Dishonesty

Ok Let’s get out there bend and stretch the truth, exaggerate, misrepresent the facts, make up a real juicy lie. Let’s rob the truth and trust from those who are willing to believe us. It is said if we tell ourselves a lie long enough, we ourselves will believe it ! Better check that one with the one in the mirror, nah, who needs to reflect on details. Should the truth insist on coming out, hesitate get creative flex it. Increase the stress of having to remember and keep track of all this untruth !

He brings his point across with a touch of sarcasm. His post will help you be a better person, when you need it most. Tired, hungry, lonely, or fustrated and you have a short fuse at this moment in time. His post may come to you and help you laugh at yourself and diffuse the tension.

Make your life easier and give your self a laugh. Visit his blog and subscribe.

You Can Not Find Peace Counting Other People’s Money

This will keep you in a state of unhappiness all the days of your life.  As I practiced changing my mental diet, this always gave me sense of being cheated in this game of life. Looking at what I did not have, while at the same time looking at what everyone else had. The time came when my mentor told me to stop counting other people’s money, and I would find the happiness that was eluding me.

Changing my intake of this food that fuels resentment , was a good choice. Like most things until I stop ingesting the thoughts, blindness is my companion.

I had a conversation with a person this week that showed me how Counting Other People’s Money can turn an otherwise good person bitter. This man had some wind damage to his home. He called his insurance company to file a claim. The adjuster came out and told him what damage he had found. The homeowner did not like the evaluation. The homeowner has a slate roof that needs a few slate replaced and a piece of gutter replace from a wind storm.

There are other homes in the neighborhood getting new roofs. The homeowner sees this and is using this to say he should also get a new roof. I felt sorry for him. He was counting what his neighbors were getting not what his house needed to repair the wind damage.  If he lets this grow inside him it will ruin his happy life.

Be grateful for what you have. It will multiply. Count Other People’s Money and your pile will get smaller.

The Person Who Says It Can Not Be Done Should Not Interupt The Person Doing It.

I have been working on an idea. This idea is to have a daily proverb e-mailed to anyone who signs up for the emails. Here is a sample. Comment and let us know if you are interested in receiving a daily email from the 7 Day Mental Diet.

This is a Chinese Proverb.

The Person Who Says It Can Not Be Done Should Not Interrupt The Person Doing It.

This is one of the biggest Ideologies that separate us from our destiny. We are brainwashed with this lie from birth. You can not do that. We hear this from almost everyone we meet from the cradle to the grave. You can not do that. You can not do that.

The Wright Brothers were told that from everyone. Their father was a minister. He told his sons that they were going to hell just for thinking they could fly.

Thank God, they did not listen to the powers that be. They listened to their hearts and did not ingest – You Can Not Do That. 

If they had listen to their father and everyone else that that told them You Can Not Do That we would lead a very different life then we do.

This has been said to me so many times till I was of an age to make my own decisions, that I was incapable of living my own life and dreams. I have lived most of my life, living someone else’s dreams. I did not understand this for a long time. These voices inside are from my ancestors and other well meaning adults. They just passed down what was given to them. 

This blog the 7 Day Mental Diet was brought to life for this very reason. Together we can find our way, until we do, let us practice this proverb. The way for us to start practicing this is to not stop anyone from doing what they are doing. They do not need your help in failing at what they are attempting to do. They already have a voice inside them that is telling them that they never should have started this. This is too hard.  

Treat people the way you would like to be treated. Plant seeds of support and inspiration in others. This way in your future you will harvest inspiration and support. God will put people in your life to give these words to push you on to your destiny.

Ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together.

Ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together. Eugène Ionesco

Here may be the biggest hinderance to freedom. Ideologies put on us without the guidance of a holistic teacher, is the breeding ground for hatred and prejudice. When reading that statement, if you do not see yourself with prejudices. You will teach your prejudices as your ideologies.

We are all teachers, willing or unwillingly. We are all teachers. There is someone who looks up to you. That person is watching what you do. This makes you a teacher. They will imitate your actions to be like you.

So as we go through this week. Just remember this before you decide to give your frustration, gossip, anger, lust,… a negative outlet, someone is watching. These people will see your good works and copy them. They will also see the negative and will also assimilate the negative. For our diet this week we will picture ourselves as teachers. The effects of this on your mental state will have a positive effect.

You ask “am I my brothers keeper”? The answer is Yes. We are his keeper, by holding ourselves to a higher level of discipline, not holding our brothers to a higher level. We are not his judge and jury. Let your actions convict him, not your lips.

All roads lead to Rome. This is to say – Different paths will take one to the same goal. Which ever road your fellow man is on will lead him to the same destination you are looking for. Dreams and tragedy are the great equalizer in all of mankind. Once they are gone, we revert to ideologies of right and wrong.

The cure for this mental state of judgment is:

  1. Let our goal be to always have a dream that we are doing something to attain the dream.
  2. Let us always find someone in pain and help them.

Takes Two Fools To Argue – One To End It

Educating myself played a big part in changing my mental diet. This little phrase was easy to say when the pressure was on. When the pressure is on, is not the time to initiate the diet. So use your time wisely. Watching TV , participating in idle conversation… is not a constructive use of your time.

I have found Proverbs to be a good way to re-school my mind. You can use it for a daily reading. There are 31 chapters in Proverbs. One for each day. Starting the day in the right frame of mind is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Having items on you and around you are very important to surviving this 7 day mental diet. In my pants pockets are Coins that reminded me where I came from and where I am going. I have a prayer rope. I also carry a rosary. In my truck are several books. There are pictures on the walls. Use anything that will remind you of what you are trying to do.

If you try to do this only with your mind you will lose the battle. Old ideas must be dismissed. New ideas must be implemented. Prayer is center point. Staying in contact with your God is crucial. Having visual reminders, use a prayer rope or a rosary when your hands are idle. This 7 day mental diet takes a mental, physical and spiritual approach. It is like a trying to sit on a 3 legged stool with one leg missing. You will at some point lose your balance.

Here is another phrase from the same family.
Never argue with a fool, it will look like the conversation of two fools, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference. With this phrase you will start to see yourself like the world sees you. At some point this will keep you from acting out on your thoughts.

When In Doubt Don’t

Then the day is over, television will give some relief, and occupy my mind. 11:00 is coming soon. It will be time to go to sleep. This thought brings back the terror. For you know that when they catch up with you, you will be sleeping. You know you need sleep so you can do your job tomorrow. But the idea of going to sleep is overwhelming. So you sit in front of the TV. You begin to dose off. You catch yourself. You fight sleep.Why?

You know that one day they will catch up with you and lock you up in the nut ward. You just know that when they come it will be at night when you are sleeping. So you fight sleep at all costs.

This has been going on since childhood. For a time alcohol dealt with this and allowed me to go to sleep, Alcohol was not consistent in its relief, it also raised another set of problems that compounded the state of anxiety. When you are sitting in this hopelessness. Any relief is better then none, so you drink.

I get some hope and put down the drink. The advice I get is “When In Doubt Don’t”. If you have any doubt about what you plan to do. Do not do it. This looked like a real bogey man. Scared me to death. So I told John my thoughts “If I do not act nothing will happen. He told me that, that was not the case. By not acting on thoughts that I had doubts about, this would call the bogey man out into the open and shed light on him. And shinning light on the bogey man makes him disappear. John would say “what do you have to lose by trying this”.

My life was in such a shambles. How do you argue with this logic. The strength came from remembering where you have come from. If you do not keep moving forward, you will go back.

So, the journey of standing still starts. Here you are Lefty, at a stop sign. Which way do you go? Confused, do what John said, just sit here to you know. Trying to know which way to go. All of a sudden, a horn blows. Someone behind me wants to go. All doubt leaves and I make a left turn.
Now I come to another turn, doubt sets back in….
Success or failure is in how this scenario is processed. So you are in doubt about which way to go. You make a decision to sit there till you are sure about which way to go. Someone gives you new information with the blowing of their horn. With this information you are sure that the right thing to do is get out of the intersection, you turn left.

You will always be at an intersection in your life. You are always making a desicion.  Do this for 7 days, your life will change. This process will become easier and faster.

You have made a choice to put a new entree on your mental diet. “When In Doubt Don’t” 
You put this into practice on a consistent basis, your life will get better. You will make better decisions.  If you find yourself in this article, comment and subscribe. We will walk this path together.