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Stradivarius And My Gratitude

Saying “Thank You” to the person who has helped you is so important. This poem about Stradivarius by George Eliot shows how important the other person is our lives.

When any master holds,
‘Twixt chin and hand a violin of mine,
He will be glad that Stradivari lived,
Made violins, and made them of the best.
The masters only know whose work is good;
Then they will choose mine, and while God gives them skill
I give them instruments to play upon,
God choosing me to help them.

There is always someone there to help me. God sent, Yes. I have learned that they will not stay there without a Thank You from me. I wonder how far I would be if I had thanked more people and not taken them for granted.

If Stradivarius had decided to make toys instead of violins, we would never be able to enjoy that gift.  Maybe there would never be another with that talent. Maybe there would not be another with that talent for a thousand years. So the same is in my life. The person in my life my be the only one that will be sent with that particular talent. If another will be sent, when? In time? Am I willing to risk the loss?

I can thank God for the people in my life, but if I do not thank them personally the chances are good they will move on to where they are appreciated. The parable of the Talents. The man that did not use the talents that were given to him, they were taken away and given to the one who did. The same will happen to the people that are sent into my life to bless me. If I do not make use of them and show my gratitude to them they will leave.

Plenty of studies have been done to back this up. People do not stay at a job because of money. They stay because they know they are appreciated and because they have a chance to use the gifts they have.

Did you ever say to yourself “I had that idea. Look what that lucky person did with the idea.” Someone was put into your life to put that idea to work. You did not use the talent that was given to you. The idea was given to you first. You buried it and it was taken from you and given to someone else. If you are given an idea, the way to put it to use is also given to you. Keep your eyes open. Tell the people in your life that are helping you, that you are grateful for what they are doing for you.