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doTERRA Essential Oils

Back in June we went on vacation to Santa Claus, Indiana. On the way we stopped to see a friend of ours in New Philadelphia, Ohio. He was having a class on doTERRA essential oils that night and we were welcome to stay if we wanted. 
I always had an interest in natural healing and aromatheraphy, so we stayed. We we found is truly amazing. Bets’ brother Scott is mental handicapped. So he is with us most of the time. He also has a lot of health issues. During the class Kari passed around different oils to try. You could feel the oils working. Nothing earth shaking. Until she passed an oil called Breathe around. Scott and Bets were behind me almost in the next room. She was also putting these oils on Scott. When she put the Breathe oil on Scott, his labored breathing changed instantly.

I was sold on doTERRA’s essential oils from that point on. When you are anywhere near Scott you can hear his labored breathing. It was cleared up instantly. We became distributors that night.

Lavender was another oil that we used at the class. We went back to our hotel. That night Scott slept through the night 7 1/2 hours. This never happens. On a good night Scott might slept 6 hours. 1 to 4 hours is normal for him. You could not hear him breathing and he slept through the night. All the prescription medications could not accomplish these things. The next night the same thing without any additional oils applied. The 3rd night he only slept 5 1/2 hours and his breathing was starting to get labored again. They were having another class that Wednesday. We had to stop and get a bottle of Lavender and Breathe for Scott. We could not have him without these oils.

I was up since 6:30 that morning. We were in Auburon, Indiana, drove 7 hours to Columbus, Ohio for the class that night. I told Bets we would drive till I got tired, then get a room. The one lady heard me say this. She asked if we had any Peppermint. We did not. She gave us a little sample bottle. Told me to use 1 drop under my nose and rub it on the back of my neck and I would be able to drive fully alert longer.

As I was driving, I could feel that in an hour or so I would start to get tired. I applied the oils as soon as I had that thought. I was totally alert for the rest of the trip. That was a 9 hour drive from Columbus. We got home at 7:30. I was up over 24 hours. When we got home I thought I was going to be up awhile, since I was not sleepy at all. Laid down on the couch and was going to read a little. Went right to sleep.

I was amazed that it only kept me up as long as I wanted to be up.

Since then we have been helping others with different health issues. Migaines, cuts, sinus, breathing, tension, alertness, aches and pains are just some of them.