Behavior-Based Goals and Rewards

Even when you are focusing on behavior-based goals, you want to start by creating a goal that is more of a “big picture” – the end-of-the-rainbow scenario. One creative way to do this is to visualize what it is you want, or you need to come up with a picture that represents to you the outcome. Practice bringing up this picture in your mind and get all of your senses involved. What types of sensory effects does this picture create for you? The more you can engage your entire brain in the process; the more realistic the big-picture goal will be. In this article, we will explore the rewards and behavior-based goals.

When you’ve solidified your end goal, turn your attention to what types of actions you’ll need to take to secure that goal in your future. What kinds of skills and habits will you need to form, or build, and of these, which seem inherently more difficult for you, being the unique person that you are?

Reward Yourself

One of the proven ways to increase your success in achieving your goals is by giving yourself small rewards along the way. Behavior-based goals are measurable. At set intervals, you review Behavior Based Goalswhat you have accomplished, then celebrate. Celebrating can be simple as listening to your favorite Merle Haggard album or having an ice cream cone. It needs to be meaningful and bring enjoyment to you.

This process is much more realistic than merely setting a goal and expecting to motivate yourself through the time, energy, and work that it will take to achieve that goal. Your chances are much more apt to keep your momentum if you know that, periodically, you’ll reward yourself for a job well done.

Regular rewards will work to your benefit by keeping your motivation and drive to reach your goal, as well as developing new positive habits while you’re getting there.

Pick Your Reward

The fun of goal-setting is not only visualizing the end goal but taking time along the journey to creatively giving yourself rewards along the way. Some people enjoy monetary rewards, and others might be more motivated by taking some time just for themselves in a favorite quiet place. You may want a night out on the town, or you might reward themselves with learning a new skill. To each their own, but utilizing a reward system while continuing to develop behavior-based goals will work in all areas of one’s life, whether it is business, relationships, health, or personal development!

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