7 Day Mental Diet PDF

7 Day Mental Diet PDF

You can download the instructions for implementing the 7 Day Mental Diet pdf by clicking on the download link here.

There are things you can do to prepare for taking the 7 Day Mental Diet challenge. I took the challenge and it changes the course of my life. One of the first things I did was to stop reading the newspaper. Taking small steps lays the ground work for a solid foundation on which you can build a contented life.  Subscribe to my blog and get new posts sent to you.

You can also follow me on Facebook. There is where I post short thoughts that you can use during the day to keep yourself from giving in to a negative thought. An example of the short thoughts for the 7-day mental diet is:7 Day Mental Diet PDF

It is repeating thoughts like this that helps refocus ourselves away from negative thoughts. The more you actively choose your thoughts the better choices you will make. Anything you think about, you made the decision to think that thought. This may seem to you like it is not true, but I can assure you that it is. I understand completely, for I was once saying the same thing to myself. The only thing that made me try the 7 day mental diet as I was out of ideas.

If your thoughts are not your choice, you can do nothing about it and you are doomed to a miserable existence.  A lot of the thoughts that control your life came from someone else. You will get no argument from me. As an adult, you need to take control of your thoughts and start to reprogram your mind with a new diet. Like the computer saying “Garbage In – Garbage Out”.

Garbage In, Garbage Out holds true for your physical, mental and spiritual health. This blog deals with a holistic approach to the 7 day mental diet.  Remember you do not have to bite off the whole thing at once. Browse around my blog and my facebook page and find the things that are palatable to you and start. Download the 7 day mental diet pdf and start to read the 7 day mental diet pdf every day. This will be a major start to the diet.




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