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Your Internal Dialogue What Does It Tell You

Your inner critic will hold you back. Once you internalize the messages, your fear and doubt give you, you will avoid anything that has the possibility of failure. You can change. Managing your inner dialogue requires you to learn new skills. This article will show you the correlation between what you think and feel. We will show you ways for taking control of the conversation and turning the internal dialogue around in your favor.

The Words You Use Matter

The words you use do influence how you feel and behave. This internal dialogue can spiral into a continuous conversation of negative messages if left unchecked. These words feed upon each other, and your subconscious mind will then tell you things that make you feel bad. This will hold you back from trying new things or reaching specific goals; it will negatively affect your daily mood. When you hear something long enough, you start to internalize it. Internal dialogue is powerful and will lead to stress, anxiety, depression, and more. What you tell yourself becomes your truth, and pick your words wisely.Internal Dialogue

Changing Your Conversation

The good news is when you spot the negative conversation, it is your choice to change what you tell yourself and have a positive discussion. Just as negative messages can stop you from following your dreams, positive ones will have you up before the alarm clock goes off in the morning. With a can-do attitude, you are naturally optimistic. Change your internal messages, and your actions will follow suit. It is crucial that you make the time to listen to the things you’re saying to yourself. Stop the conversation dead in its tracks when you catch yourself saying crippling things. “Resist Not Evil” Put your sight back on the task at hand and move forward. Pay attention to the internal battle that erupts when you turn your negative thoughts into positive ones, coupled with action. You will need every ounce of will power you have and a focused mind to stay on track till the inner dialogue is changed. Your subconscious mind has a mission. Its mission is to protect you. It does not know right or wrong. It only understands what it is programmed to tell you.

New Patterns Take Time

Affirmations are a powerful tool in the reprograming of this inner voice. Start giving yourself positive statements and things will turn around. You know who you dream of being. Talking to yourself of your strengths is the starting point of shutting your inner critic up. However, these things will take every ounce of discipline and will-power you can muster. You’ve probably been hearing and telling yourself these things your whole life.  Repetition is required to put new habits in place. So, be kind to yourself if you backslide, when you catch yourself get back on track. It will happen. With perseverance, you’ll stop the negative self-talk. Positive self-talk will rule the day, and you will be on the road to living the life you gave up on ever living.

My book “Prove Your Inner Critic Wrong” will guide you on how to give the inner critic a new internal dialogue.