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Start Where You Are

“Start Where You Are”

Do you have a Dream or a Big Job that seems impossible, overwhelming, or just futile? It is not impossible, or futile. It may be overwhelming. The way to walk thru the overwhelming part is to start where you are and use what you have. This in itself will seem like a foolish thing to do. Do it anyway.

I heard Bob Proctor say “Take your big job and break it down into doable parts. If you do not have a big job, find one.” That is a powerful statement. I always seem to have a big job that seems like I can not get it done. How long it drags out is up to me. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but today I always move closer to the goal, because I use the affirmation “start where you are“.

Put Into Action

start where you are

Here is an example of the first time I knowingly made a decision to start where you are and use what you have. There was a great internal battle to walk through to accomplish my goal.
I once wanted to buy a air compressor and the accessories needed to make my job easier. I could not see how I was going to get the money to buy everything I needed. Then one day it came to me to buy a fitting for the end of the hose. This part cost $5. But the mental block told me that was dumb and was worthless without the other parts. The air compressor cost $400, roofing nail gun $350, and the hoses $30 each. Buying one of the fittings for $5 seemed like a futile move.
Plus where I bought my supplies they knew I did not have a air compressor. I knew they would ask ” you got an air compressor?” I would have to say ” No, I am starting where I am and using what I have. I am buying the part I can afford.” This would be embarrassing. But I did it anyway. They asked me. I told them that I am using “starting where you are, use what you have” to get the air compressor and nail gun”. They just looked at me with a confused look and said “okay”. Later that week I bought the other fitting. The next week I bought a hose. The following week I bought the nail gun. 2 weeks after that I bought the air compressor.
I believe if I had not used “start where you are and use what you have” and bought the $5 fitting, it would have taken a couple of years till I got the money together to buy everything at once. Break your task down into doable pieces.

Take the first step and start where you are and use what you have. The next step always becomes clear. How to accomplish this step always becomes clear and the means to do it will be there. If you can see the whole process and how it will all work out, like Bob Proctor says, “the dream or goal is not big enough”.