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Hydrate Yourself To Lose Weight

This is more important then what you eat. Remember you build a brick house one brick at a time. Snapping your fingers and puff it is done. That does not work. Even if you are looking for a quick fix do this. You need to mix up your mortar first even before you lay a brick. After the mortar is mixed then you can pick up the first brick and lay it in place. Next you pick up the next brick and lay it in place.

If you lay 2 or 3 bricks and stand back. It is like watching grass grow. Nothing is happening. You need to keep laying your bricks with your eye on the goal of the completed home. Stopping to look what you did every couple of bricks will lead to frustration and eventually you will quit because nothing seems to being accomplished.

This is the same with losing weight. Pick your goal weight and size you want to be when you accomplish your goal. Lay out your plan. The first thing you can do is count how many drinks you drink in a day. Do this for everyday of the week. Count the number of drinks, what the drinks are and how many ounces are in each drink. Once you do this, start to substitute water for these drinks.

I know you do not like water. Well then stay fat. Your choice. You really need to make a choice, what is more important in you life. Either you want to gratify yourself today or you want to look good and feel healthy for the rest of your life. Asking yourself the hard questions is the only way to reach your dream of losing weight.

One thing that helped me make the changes with taste was something I heard a long time ago. I was talking to someone and in the conversation it came up about our diets. I said “that I eat for taste”. The other person said ” well then you only need one bite”. That always stuck with me. When I eat something I take one bite and completely chew it before I take the next bite.

After a week of documenting how many drinks you have during your day. Start to substitute water for each one of those drinks. Even if you only substitute one a day for the first week, you are closer then you were a week ago.

Most hunger pains are a sign of dehydration. Drinking a glass of water 20 minutes before you eat a meal is a good time to start introducing water into your diet. This way you will kill two birds with one stone. You will hydrate yourself and you will eat less at the meal.

You can do this You can do this. You can do this.

Something Has To Change

Through Lefty’s auto-biographical story of losing 30 pounds in the first 10 weeks, you will get the belief that you can also lose your excess weight. Lefty tells his own story of how he got to the point where “Something Has To Change”.

The story covers the last 2 years. The first year was making the changes to reach his goal of what he weighted and the waist he had when he left school 41 years ago. It starts with the desperation of looking at moving up yet another waist size. This is after years of having to constantly adjust his pants. It has been 18 months since adjusting pants was a part of everyday life.

Without dieting the first 30 pounds fell off in the first 10 weeks. There was no feeling hungry or of doing without. It was actually adding some foods to the regular diet. Adding these new foods to the diet made the change was so natural and almost effortless.

In no way is this to say it took no discipline. There is no magic wand. When I found out what to start eating to make the body ask for more of the right foods the cravings for the junk food subsided.

Lefty tells about the conversations that went on with himself that he had lost up till this point. Then explains in simple detail how he won the battle to keep the weight off. The struggle continues with exercise. He lost all this weight without exercising. Exercise is not necessary for weightloss. It is necessary to live a long, healthy, and vigorous life style. 

This is the discription that was written for my new book, “Something Has To Change”. 

I Am A Published Author

I have been working on my book “Something Has To Change”. Today is the climax to all the hard work. I pushed the approve button.

I recieved a proof copy a couple of weeks ago. Been working on editing spacing, grammer, spelling. Made one spelling change to the back cover. Some sentences did not make sense when reading a hard copy. Lot of little stuff. 

The one thought that does come up, that will only be put to rest once I get some feedback, is that there is some bit of information that is still in my head. If you read the book give some feedback. Positive feedback is nice, but pointing out mistakes will help me deliver a better product. 

I wrote this book on how I lost 48 pounds and kept it off for 2 years.

Here is a link to the book.