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Following the Follower

 An old man walked to work each day checking his watch as he walked through town. On his way, he detoured to the town’s only jewelry store. He would stop there each day and set his watch by the old clock in front of the store. This went on for years. The shopkeeper watched this routine with curiosity and respect for the old man’s consistency as each day passed. Rain or shine, the old man’s daily ritual never changed.

Finally one day, the jewelry shop owner stepped out of his doorway and asked the old man where he worked. The old man said “ I work down at the mill.

I stop by here each day on my way to work to set my watch. You see, this old watch may not keep the best time in the world, but it’s the only one I have. And my job is the timekeeper at the mill. I have to make sure the clocks up there are accurate. Every day at four o’clock, I sound the whistle signaling shift change time. So, each day I reset my watch to make sure I sound the whistle at the right time for all of the people who work up there.The shopkeeper looked puzzled by this reply. He told the old man, “As you can imagine, this old clock has served us well for many years. And it really doesn’t keep time that well any more. So each day at four o’clock, I reset it when I hear the mill whistle.” Both men paused, then laughed. Together, they had created their own  time zone in that small mill town.

This story should remind us that each day of our lives we do simple things that require thought and care. In many cases, our jobs and our company’s success depend on what we do.  How do we make sure we are doing the right things at the right times, the right way? 

Are we following someone who knows where he is going. Or are we following someone who is following someone else who does not know why he is going where he is going.

Choose who you follow wisely.

Money Is Just A Sign Of How Much Service I Have Provided.

Affirmations are a major part of changing your mental diet. Most of us have been conditioned to think money is evil. Yet we spend most of our time trying to get as much as we can. It is the american dream to become rich, but as soon as someone accomplishes this we start to demonize them. Talk about mixed messages. Is it any wonder most of us do not trust adults. Like the American Indians say “White man speak with fork tongue”.

” Money is just a sign of how much service I have provided”.

One of the tools you will need from now on will be index cards. You will get an affirmation each week to say to yourself. Write the affirmation “Money is just a sign of how much service I have provided” on the index card. Carry this card with you. Pull this card out whenever you get the urge to count other people’s money. Say the affirmation as many times as it takes you to get yourself centered on the positve.

The way you think about money needs to be changed. Keep track of all the thoughts you have about money this week. Do not pick and choose if it is a good or a bad thought. Just write them down. We can inventory the thoughts later. One thing at a time.

We are taught a lot of misconceptions about money. One of the biggest is Money is the root of all evil. How can an inanimate object be evil? How can any object make us do anything? Who thaught us about money?

If you decide to take this task on for the next 7 days, it will not be an easy week. You can email me for support with your personal struggles with this issue. If you have an affirmation that helps you with money issues, write me and let me know what it is.