Ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together.

Ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together. Eugène Ionesco

Here may be the biggest hinderance to freedom. Ideologies put on us without the guidance of a holistic teacher, is the breeding ground for hatred and prejudice. When reading that statement, if you do not see yourself with prejudices. You will teach your prejudices as your ideologies.

We are all teachers, willing or unwillingly. We are all teachers. There is someone who looks up to you. That person is watching what you do. This makes you a teacher. They will imitate your actions to be like you.

So as we go through this week. Just remember this before you decide to give your frustration, gossip, anger, lust,… a negative outlet, someone is watching. These people will see your good works and copy them. They will also see the negative and will also assimilate the negative. For our diet this week we will picture ourselves as teachers. The effects of this on your mental state will have a positive effect.

You ask “am I my brothers keeper”? The answer is Yes. We are his keeper, by holding ourselves to a higher level of discipline, not holding our brothers to a higher level. We are not his judge and jury. Let your actions convict him, not your lips.

All roads lead to Rome. This is to say – Different paths will take one to the same goal. Which ever road your fellow man is on will lead him to the same destination you are looking for. Dreams and tragedy are the great equalizer in all of mankind. Once they are gone, we revert to ideologies of right and wrong.

The cure for this mental state of judgment is:

  1. Let our goal be to always have a dream that we are doing something to attain the dream.
  2. Let us always find someone in pain and help them.

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