How to Be More Creative

Who knows when that creative spark will strike? It can happen at any time. It often happens in a place where you can’t capture it. However, it is possible to set yourself up for optimal creativity. The question you ask yourself is “how to be more creative”.

Who Schedules Your Time

You need to find what works for you. That may seem obvious, but too many people disregard it. Boosting ImaginationFor instance, if you do your best writing work on Monday in the morning, why aren’t you writing more on Monday mornings? That is the right time for you, use it to your advantage. Many people ignore this or let someone else schedule their time.

Look at what others have created for a source of inspiration. It’s easy to spend some time on the internet and discover some great ideas. One website dedicated to this is It randomly selects pages, and you can further refine your searches by category. Wikipedia and Reddit are other websites that offer up random pages. Using resources like this can be a great way to be more creative.

Where Do Ideas Originate

Most ideas are not truly original, they stem from past creations. For instance, songwriters often use the structure of their favorite songs as the base for their work. Every so often an idea comes along that seems unique. However, when you peel back the layers of how the idea developed, you will often see inspiration from somewhere else.

One important point is never to copy ideas. It’s okay to use other peoples’ ideas to generate new ideas. But, if you simply copy what others have done, people will pick up on that. You will be looked on as a fraud. Besides, it’s an illegal practice that can get you into trouble. Don’t do it. It’s not worth the risk.

Set The Mood

To help you to be more creative when you work, listen to music. That can help a lot. Choose music that is easy to listen to without distracting you too much. Many people find classical music is a good fit here as the music contains no lyrics. However, if you find that you do well with another style, don’t limit yourself.

Give something a try that falls outside your comfort zone. For instance, try reading magazines that you typically would not read to get different perspectives. Try browsing websites that you would not typically browse, etc. The idea is to interrupt patterns within your brain which makes it use different pathways. Doing that can generate ideas you would have never had before. The results will likely surprise you and you will be more creative.


Positivity Can Change Your Life

Do you know what happy, successful people think about every day? It’s simple. They think about what they want and how they can get it. Positivity can change your life.

When you spend your time thinking and talking about what you want from life and how you can achieve it, you will feel happier and more in control. When you think about happy things, your brain releases endorphins, which give you a feeling of well-being. It doesn’t take long to develop a positive attitude.Positivity Can Change Your Life

The Importance of Optimism
Psychological tests have shown that happy people have a specific quality that enables them to live a better life. That quality, of course, is optimism. If you’re groaning at the thought of such positivity, because you worry that you can’t become an optimist, then stop right now. According to WebMD, optimism can be learned. It’s all about cause and effect. If you change your way of thinking and align it with optimists, you will start to feel happier and see results.

The Happy Find The Good In The World
There are two distinct ways that optimists deal with the world, which sets them apart from the rest:
First, they remain focused on what they want, looking for ways to achieve it. They set clear goals and remain confident they will achieve them.
Second, in every difficult situation an optimist will look for the good. When something goes wrong, they determine what lesson or knowledge can be drawn from the situation.
If you look for the good in someone or something then you will always find it, and in the looking, you will find yourself more cheerful.

The Power Of Positive Thinking
Optimists seek the lesson in every obstacle. They don’t get upset and look at where they can lay blame. They control their emotions and look at things logically.
Positive thinking has several benefits to your life:

Motivation: Willpower and motivation come from a strong mind. Negative thoughts lead to negative actions. When you replace pessimism with optimism, you reshape your outlook.

Strong Relationships: Happiness attracts happiness, thus happy people attract people who are happy. If you surround yourself with negativity, you will only attract negativity. Positivity can change your life and it breeds trust, which builds strong relationships. Without trust, relationships cannot survive. We are hardwired to seek trust.

Confidence: Negativity spreads and can impact other attributes, such as self-esteem and confidence. The key to leading a happy life is loving yourself. Optimists laugh louder, love harder, and walk taller. They glow.
Strong Mind & Body: Negative thoughts are draining and can have a severe impact on your mental health. They can leave you struggling to get up in the morning and inhibit your ability to sleep. Fatigue leads to weakness, sadness, and a lack of motivation. Therefore, negativity takes a toll on your whole body.

Choose Happiness
You can make the choice today to see the glass as half full instead of half empty. Look at your blessings rather than noting every shortcoming. Look at the best in everyone around you, because in truth, the majority of people are honest and good. Look for the good in their actions and in their words, and resolve to be of good cheer.
It’s easy to be upbeat when everything in your life is going well. However, it’s even more important to do so when everything is going against you or is falling apart. You can still draw from your inner strength and look on the bright side of life. Positivity can change your life and it will pay off in spades.

Transform Your Life by Doing Something You Love

Many people go to college to do what they believe they have want to do for the rest of their lives. The first several years may be rewarding, and then they start to realize this is something they are going to do until they retire. They are quickly disillusioned, and they realize they are in a rut. The question arises how to transform your life.Transform Your Life

Most people continue doing what they do out of fear of what their family and friends will say. This fear is a well founded for your family and friends will have a need to keep you where you are. For they are also trapped in their own prison.  One reason will be “play it safe you are getting a steady paycheck”. If you take the leap and transform your life you could fail. If you are in the minority, You will break away and transform your life.

While starting up a new career may be exciting, it is not necessary or advisable to start following your heart’s desire full time. You can start up a hobby in your spare time, or you can volunteer in your area of interest. Many companies are encouraging their employees to take on more volunteer opportunities. Even if the company’s motives are not altruistic, volunteering can open doors for employees. They can learn new skills or discover ones they were not aware they possessed.

You may decide to start up your own venture. This will help transform your life in ways that you never imagined. Choosing a business you are passionate about gives you a purpose you may not have gained by staying in your current situation.

This is not to say that starting and running a business is easy. It takes a lot of work and quite a bit of discipline. You become your own boss and have no one to answer to but yourself. While many view this as a good situation to have, it is a double-edged sword. You need to have a good plan and a mentor in place to help guide you towards success.

You may want to live off the grid. This is one example where you need to educate yourself in this life style and the area of the world you want to live off the grid. Just jumping in without any preparation could cost you your life.

More people are discovering that there is no future in retirement. While you may be required or want to retire from your present job or career, this does not mean you need to fill your day with mindless activities.  We were created to create. Retirement could give you the freedom to try many things. You may be in a financial position that you can follow your heart’s desire without getting a financial reward. Some will find that having their own business is the only way to go. They love the challenge and find the work fulfilling. The Internet serves as a great provider of advice and resources to help you succeed. Not everyone is suited to being an entrepreneur.

Find your heart’s desire and follow it. You find success in the journey, not at the finish line.

7 Day Mental Diet PDF

7 Day Mental Diet PDF

You can download the instructions for implementing the 7 Day Mental Diet pdf by clicking on the download link below.

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There are things you can do to prepare for taking the 7 Day Mental Diet challenge. I took the challenge and it change the course of my life. One of the first things I did was to stop reading the newspaper. Taking small steps lays the ground work for a solid foundation on which you can build a contented life.  Subscribe to my blog and get new posts sent to you.

You can also follow me on Facebook. There is where I post short thoughts that you can use during the day to keep yourself from giving into a negative thought. An example of the short thoughts for the 7 day mental diet is:7 Day Mental Diet PDF

It is repeating thoughts like this that helps refocus ourselves away from the negative thoughts. The more you actively choose your thoughts the better choices you will make. Anything you think about, you made the decision to think that thought. This may seem to you like it is not true, but I can assure you that it is. I understand completely, for I was once saying the same thing to myself. The only thing that made me try the 7 day mental diet was I was out of ideas.

If your thoughts are not your choice, you can do nothing about it and you are doomed to a miserable existence.  A lot of the thoughts that control your life came from someone else. You will get no argument from me. As an adult, you need to take control of your thoughts and start to reprogram your mind with a new diet. Like the computer saying “Garbage In – Garbage Out”.

Garbage In, Garbage Out holds true for your physical, mental and spiritual health. This blog deals with a holistic approach to the 7 day mental diet.  Remember you do not have to bite off the whole thing at once. Browse around my blog and my facebook page and find the things that are palatable to you and start. Download the 7 day mental diet pdf and start to read the 7 day mental diet pdf every day. This will be a major start to the diet.




What You Focus On Increases

What You Focus On Increases

Think about what you think about. What you think about you talk about, and what you talk about you bring about, so what are you thinking about? If that’s true, then it’s safe to say your thoughts become your reality. If you’re not sure what you’ve been thinking, have a look around! What you focus on increases, so whatever’s been showing up over time is what you’ve been focusing on.

Happiness is free. Experience shows that when you commit to being happy now, the journey of building the life you want is much more enjoyable. You might even like to imagine how you’ll feel when you have what you want. It doesn’t cost any extra to feel like you have achieved your goals before you’ve achieved them.

What you focus on increases

Abundance is your birthright. To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on abundance. The scarcity mindset doesn’t think there’s enough to go around. The abundance mindset says, “There are plenty for everyone and more flowing into the world everyday. Stop for a moment. Feel the air going in and out of your lungs. Air is created by plants and trees, and flows around the world. As you take each breath, you’re not stopping the flow; you’re joining it.

Nothing to fear. Right now it’s worth noticing that real estate markets come and go, sometimes they’re up and sometimes they’re down. It’s funny how some people choose to worry about things they have no control over, like the market. Experience shows that fears, worries and anxieties only come when a person imagines unpleasant things in the past or the future. When you allow yourself to get present, you’ll realize that all is well right now. As Roosevelt said, there is nothing to fear, except fear itself.

Know a setback is a setup for a comeback. Most people give up when they meet setbacks and obstacles, but because you choose to be successful, you do what you did when you learned to walk: When you fall over, learn from the experience, pick yourself up and keep going!!
Oprah says you do what you do when you know what you know; when you know different, you do different. You might even decide to eliminate “failure” from your vocabulary!

Seize the day. My favorite teacher said to me, “Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of.” Stop for a moment, take a couple of deep breathes, and realize that as you read this you are occupying a unique space, at a time in history that will never be repeated. You don’t have to do anything. If there’s something that you’ve been thinking that you had to do, you can restate it as, “I choose to… It’s your choice, and it always has been. Don’t let anyone or anything take your day. Seize this day and own it all.

Thomas J Heverly Sr


Start Where You Are

“Start Where You Are”

Do you have a Dream or a Big Job that seems impossible, overwhelming, or just futile? It is not impossible, or futile. It may be overwhelming. The way to walk thru the overwhelming part is to start where you are and use what you have. This in itself will seem like a foolish thing to do. Do it anyway.

I heard Bob Proctor say “Take your big job and break it down into doable parts. If you do not have a big job, find one.” That is a powerful statement. I always seem to have a big job that seems like I can not get it done. How long it drags out is up to me. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but today I always move closer to the goal, because I use the affirmation “start where you are“.

Put Into Action

start where you are

Here is an example of the first time I knowingly made a decision to start where you are and use what you have. There was a great internal battle to walk through to accomplish my goal.
I once wanted to buy a air compressor and the accessories needed to make my job easier. I could not see how I was going to get the money to buy everything I needed. Then one day it came to me to buy a fitting for the end of the hose. This part cost $5. But the mental block told me that was dumb and was worthless without the other parts. The air compressor cost $400, roofing nail gun $350, and the hoses $30 each. Buying one of the fittings for $5 seemed like a futile move.
Plus where I bought my supplies they knew I did not have a air compressor. I knew they would ask ” you got an air compressor?” I would have to say ” No, I am starting where I am and using what I have. I am buying the part I can afford.” This would be embarrassing. But I did it anyway. They asked me. I told them that I am using “starting where you are, use what you have” to get the air compressor and nail gun”. They just looked at me with a confused look and said “okay”. Later that week I bought the other fitting. The next week I bought a hose. The following week I bought the nail gun. 2 weeks after that I bought the air compressor.
I believe if I had not used “start where you are and use what you have” and bought the $5 fitting, it would have taken a couple of years till I got the money together to buy everything at once. Break your task down into doable pieces.

Take the first step and start where you are and use what you have. The next step always becomes clear. How to accomplish this step always becomes clear and the means to do it will be there. If you can see the whole process and how it will all work out, like Bob Proctor says, “the dream or goal is not big enough”.

Life begins At End Of Your Comfort Zone

Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

I heard this yesterday, “Life Begins At End Of Your Comfort Zone”. It instantly became the thought of the day. I goggled, life begins at the end of your comfort zone and found out that it was coined by Neale Donald Walsch. The next thing was to go to youtube. I watched this video to get a general idea of what his thoughts were.

Life Begins At The Edge Of Your Comfort Zone

life begins at end of your comfort zoneNeale Donald Walsch says that “I am actually comfortable with my discomfort”. This is the piece I was looking for. It is a natural action for me to live at the end of my comfort zone. I really do not know how to stop it. But up till now I thought it was a defect of character. I would ask myself why do you do this to yourself. You know what is going to happen. You get the same results everytime you go into uncharted waters. The anxiety of wondering how this is going to turn out is not an enjoyable adventure. Even though you know whatever it takes, you are going to get it done. Being in my comfort zone feels like where God wants us. I must be doing it wrong, that I always have this feeling of fear that I will screw this up this time.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone is a game changer.

“If you are not living at the edge, you are taking up to much room. Bob Proctor. I say this to myself all the time. Even though I would try to live this, I would have the feeling I was doing it wrong. I never gave up. Thank God! Today I find the missing piece to the puzzle. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. This missing piece to the puzzle puts a whole new light on life.

I would tell myself that you have to endure this discomfort till you get through this. Then make sure you do not get yourself into this again. Stay with what you know. Then you will have that feeling of comfort and life will be easy and enjoyable. This thought made a good part of my life a torture and confusing. Since I could not stop myself from getting into this position.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone is living in the moment .

I would work at staying in the moment while I was at the end of your comfort zone. For I knew that if I did not, I would quit. I did not want to be a quitter. So endure I must. I will keep this as a thought for the day for some time to come. I want to fully digest this and make it apart of me.

Winston Churchill once gave a speech for a graduation class. Here it is. “Never Give Up.” pause… “Never Give Up”. pause… “Never Give Up”. Put his top hat on and left.

Diet And Exercise Doomed To Failure

I got a call yesterday from someone looking to lose weight. Like most people, he is conditioned to believe you have to diet and exercise to lose weight. You have to give up some foods that you really love to eat. Your diet will be made up of healthy un-flavorful foods. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

diet and exercise

We talked for a while about my experience with losing 48 pounds and keeping it off for 3 years now. He told me about his new motivation to lose weight. Health issues are a part of the motivation. Our health deteriorates to the point of having serious health issues. This is the point where most of us want to change. Whatever the prompts the decision is a good one. If it gets you started that is all that counts. Your motivation to diet and exercise can change later.

His question after our conversation on losing weight was, “what do I need to do first”? First you must understand this a mental battle. To win this battle you need to separate diet and exercise”. Diet and exercise are one of the recipes to failure. We have been brainwashed into thinking that you have to do both to lose weight. To succeed you need to stop thinking that you have to do both diet and exercise. It is good if you can both diet and exercise and not give up. You need to  school yourself that doing just one is better for you then doing none.

Next you need to choose between diet and exercise. The question you need to ask yourself is “which one can I stay committed to diet or exercise”? Can you honestly pick one? Or will peer pressure play the biggest part in your decision? If you can get honest with yourself your chance will increase. Whichever one you choose make the commitment to stick to it no matter what. The other one you can dabble with.

If you can not honestly make a choice between diet and exercise. Then education will be the way to pick between diet and exercise. The question will be which is better for you diet or exercise?

Diet wins over exercise. Changing your diet not reducing calories is the most important thing you can do for yourself. And by changing your diet, I do not mean eliminating anything from your diet. It is more important to drink bottled water and add fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Timing helps play a part. Drink water 20 minutes before you eat. Juice is full of sugar without the fiber that comes with eating a piece of fruit. So stick with water. Eat a salad containing fruits, nuts, and vegetables before your meal. I started to put raisins in my vegetable salads. This will fill you up before you eat the main meal. Reducing the amount of calories you take in. Over time your taste for different foods will change. The elimination of unhealthy foods from your diet will not even seem like a choice. It will just happen naturally.

I lost 48 pounds without 1 minute of exercise. I struggle with exercise. I keep trying. I know one day I will succeed. I know that if I thought you had to do both diet and exercise I would never stayed committed to losing weight. The mental battle of diet and exercise would have doomed me to failure.


Active Listening – Pitfalls to Avoid

Pitfalls to Avoid

Repetition in responses – Constantly using the same response can give the impression you are on autopilot. You should also avoid your responses being statements, such as, “You’re saying …” or “You feel …” It is better to respond with questions.

Pretending to understand – It is quite possible when listening to an emotional person to get a little lost. Emotions can muddle our thoughts and words. If you get lost, speak up and ask for clarification or you may spend a great deal of time operating in ignorance or on a misconception.

Trying too hard – As much as you may want to help, and feel that you have understood every nuance of the issue, resist the temptation to offer explanations that go beyond your knowledge base or beyond the facts that are definitely known. Amateur psychologists are a dime a dozen.

Not trying hard enough – Make sure to gauge the speaker’s emotions as best you can. Missing key emotions or devaluing them may cause the speaker to clam up in frustration.

Rambling on – Keep your responses short. Remember you should be listening more than talking. Don’t mistake long-windedness for helpfulness.

Missing non-verbal messages – This is a huge mistake, for reasons already stated.

Conclusion To Active Listening

Anyone interested in improving their communication skills should understand how active listening differs from the listening they normally practice.

Remember that there are two types of listening: active listening and not really listening. Active listening is not some super-listening skill beyond the reach of mere mortals; it is a skill anyone can master if they are willing to accept their current inadequacies and make the effort required.

Active listening is also not just a skill that belongs in a business or other professional environment; it is useful for anyone who seeks to improve the quality of their communication with other people. Only when you begin to actively listen will you realize just how much you were missing previously.

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